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The copyright to this edition, in both print and electronic forms, is held by Liberty Fund, Inc. Anthony de Jasay may be seen in the role of a Frédéric Bastiat of our times.

And, in Jasay’s view, because of the ever-increasing growth and power of the state, these infringements nowadays abound.Like his great French forerunner, he took (and still takes) to the pen to express his criticism.However, unlike Bastiat, who was a Frenchman, Jasay came to France from Hungary, his native country, with stops in Austria, Australia, and finally Oxford, where he taught economics.Always insisting on keeping key concepts in their proper place and not letting them get tangled together, Jasay draws a sharp distinction between freedoms and rights (and considers the “right to freedom” a confused notion).Freedoms are those feasible acts that fall within the spontaneous rules of the social order.

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